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Hello and welcome galactic explorer!

We are living in extremely exciting times on this beautiful planet. Since the 2012 energetic shift, the Earth has been dramatically raising in frequency. As a result, many brave souls, like yourself, have been awakening to their divinity and realising that we are far more powerful than we were previously led to believe.

Around the time of 2012, I started to feel these energies and went through a dramatic shift in consciousness. I had what many are referring to as a, ‘Spiritual Awakening’. This shift has not been an easy ride by any means, and I know that my challenging experience has been the same for thousands, if not millions now, of others. Before you read much further, you may be looking for my comprehensive guide to spiritual awakening, which you can find in the 'blog' section of this website. You should find everything you need to know about spiritual awakening in this post "

I had no idea what was happening to me when I had my awakening, but I knew that I felt something truly divine. I felt a love that I had never felt before. It was a love that was unconditional, and it was for everything and everyone.

It has taken me a few years to find my way. I had very little help finding my feet in this new reality and way of operating in the world. I experienced a lot of trauma due to my lack of understanding of what I was going through. There was no road map that explained how to navigate this shift. So, for the last few years I have been creating my own road map and I have become rather good at navigating this new reality.

I have discovered countless tools and methods that have enabled me to integrate my soul further into my being and loosen the grip of ego. In an old spiritual paradigm, we were told that we had to destroy the ego, but in this new spiritual paradigm, we aim to embody love in every moment and within every practice. Rather than destroy the ego, we are now learning to love and integrate it in a healthy manner, for we need the ego to navigate this reality and to feel and express our unique individuality.  

We must remember that our ego has experienced trauma and hardships on this planet that has left a lasting impact. It is now our responsibility to give the ego the love that it so often was not provided with throughout our lives. Think of your ego like a scared, wounded child (the inner child) who simply wanted love and was so often not given what it truly deserved. Now we need to become the parent to our own innocence, to enable it to flourish and to release any blocks we have in order to shine the brightest light we were always meant to shine.

As this process unfolds and you become fully integrated, life shifts and becomes so effortless as we learn to follow the higher self rather than the lower self. We feel a type of bliss and happiness that some of us never knew was possible. We find purpose and meaning in this world. In loving ourselves, we contribute to the healing of the world, for as you heal yourself, you send an energetic healing to all beings and the entire planet. It truly is a beautiful process. Simply by taking care of your own heart and innocence, you help to transform this world into one that overflows with love. Sounds rather wonderful right? I think so.

I am here to assist anyone who may be struggling on this path. I aim to help others avoid struggling and suffering to the degree that I certainly did when I had no guidelines on how to handle such an intense process. I am not a spiritual teacher, I am simply here to guide people to their own power, as we are all our own most important sources of guidance. I can simply help you to uncover and recognise the power that has always been there inside, waiting to awaken.


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