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Passionate About Helping Others

Since sharing her spiritual awakening story on Youtube (GalacticGangsters on YT), Jess's entire life has shifted. What began as a very frighteneing and daunting journey has now become the most fulfilling ride she has ever embarked upon.


Jess has been guided by the universe to share her story and journey with awakening in order to assist people with their own awakening path. She now dedicates her life to serving others by sharing the tools she has used to transform herself into the much more peaceful and powerful version that she is today.

As someone who has struggled with crippling depression, anxiety and social anxiety, Jess has overcome a lot of darkness and heaviness that was blocking her internal happiness. She aims to lessen the suffering of others in whatever way she can, believing that everybody on this planet deserves happiness, and that happiness is available if we just know where to look.

Jess can help you shift your mindset and provide you with tools and information that you can use to change your life and navigate this awakening/ascension process with more ease and less resistance. If you would like to work with Jess, it is important to remember that change requires action and dedication. She cannot simply fix your problems for you, she can only provide you with the tools and advice, which you may then use to shape your own destiny. You have the power, she can simply make you more aware of that power.

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Work With Madi!

Madi is a claisentient and ethical tarot reader, teacher and musician. Drawn to all things mystical and light (classic Scorpio), and as a strong advocate of equality for all, Madi dedicates her tarot guidance sessions to help women find answers, develop their intuition and embrace their inner purpose and power!

To book a session with Madi email her at or visit her website

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