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Complete Guide to Spiritual Awakening| 2 Types | Why it Happens to Advanced Souls

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

What is a spiritual awakening? Why does a spiritual awakening happen and what does a spiritual awakening look like? Spiritual awakening and ascension has been the focus of my world for the past 7 years. It's rather crazy to think that it has been seven years, because the beginning of my journey felt as if it just started yesterday. I still remember the whole experience so vividly. It was the start of an entirely new life that I was not at all prepared for, but that I am infinitely grateful for, many years down the track. What is a spiritual awakening exactly? You're probably asking this question if you've clicked on this article. Perhaps you are having some rather interesting and seemingly unexplainable experiences that have you searching for answers. Well, I am going to do my best at explaining this truly profound journey that you may be just about to embark on (or that you are currently undergoing), one that will inevitably connect you to yourself in miraculous ways that you never knew were possible. Spiritual awakening completely transforms us at the core of our being and allows us the beautiful opportunity to grow at an extremely fast rate as a soul. A spiritual awakening means awakening to your infinite divine nature and understanding how we are living in a third dimensional, energetic reality that was created by an infinite source consciousness. That same consciousness dwells within everything and everyone. When I was in 7th grade in high-school, I remember a science class that sparked my curiosity. The teacher was explaining how everything in existence is made of the same energy. This class had my mind spinning for days, weeks and even years after because it really got me really thinking. If everything is made of the same energy, then we must be all connected? Right? I felt a strong resonance flood my body during that class. I now realise it was my own body alerting me to a significant clue to the puzzle of life and existence.

If you think about our energetic reality for a moment, you can observe anything and know that it is all made of energy particles vibrating together. Every single thing you look at, including yourself, is made of exactly the same energy at an atomic level. This already gives us some insight into how literally everything is connected because EVERYTHING in existence is made of EXACTLY the same energy! Pretty amazing right? Well I thought so and I still think so, but even though that was a really eye-opening moment for me when I was a teenager, it wasn't enough to awaken me to the entire spiritual matrix reality that is existence. My energetic awakening that came later down the track, certainly was enough to keep my eyes glued open.

Nikola Tesla, one of the most influential scientists and engineers of the 20th century, said: "If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." -Nikola Tesla Tesla, even with his very scientific, logical, left-brained mind was still aware of the interconnectedness of everything in existence. He was a believer in the spiritual nature of reality because he understood this fact. Energy can never be destroyed. The Law of Conservation of Energy (The first law of thermodynamics) states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. Your soul can never be destroyed. It is the infinite aspect of you. Some refer to it as the 'higher self'. Your soul is always guiding you throughout your life. It remains in the non-physical in order to guide us during our human incarnation. Many have been able to connect to their soul essence during practices such as meditation and yoga. Those that have not had these sort of experiences often cannot comprehend them. It usually takes someone personally experiencing the spiritual reality in some form to truly believe in it. There are many who begin spiritually awakening but who also experience a lot of doubt, as they have not witnessed enough evidence of a spiritual reality to add that to their already established construct of reality.

Most people usually reach a point where they just cannot deny all of the signs and synchronicities they are experiencing. Many people start seeing repeating number patterns, when first awakening spiritually, such as 1111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999 on clocks, car number plates, microwaves, billboards etc. 1111 is actually the awakening code and is often the first repeating number that those going through a spiritual awakening will see first. This is your spiritual team sending you the code to clue you into your true divine nature. They are alerting you to a deeper reality and kind of experience that you could have here on Earth. The number synchronicities can be so intense that people report seeing them everywhere multiple times a days, often flooding their reality. Your guides are really trying to grab your attention by doing this. They are trying to wake you up to who you really are. What are these guides that I am speaking of? Well, every person who is born on this planet is born with a team of spirit guides and even a guardian angel that assists the human on their journey here. Most people are not aware of their spiritual team until after awakening. It is extremely common now for people to actually connect to their spiritual team through signs provided by them and through meditative practices. People connect to their guides in many different ways, but that is definitely a topic for another article as there is so much to cover.

Two Common Types of Spiritual Awakening I've come to understand that there are a couple different types of spiritual awakenings that people go through. Some people experience a very jarring and intense energetic spiritual awakening that causes an explosion of divine energy to run throughout your chakras, shaking the core foundations of everything you ever believed was true about the world. This is the type of spiritual awakening that I went through at a very young age and I was totally oblivious to what a spiritual awakening was, or even what was occurring to my body and mind. It was a major shock to the system, to say the least... Many people mistake this type of spiritual awakening for psychosis or a manic episode. This is exactly what happened to me.

Type 1 I have come to realise that what I experienced is known as a 'kundalini awakening' where dormant, divine energy is unleashed at the base of the spine. It surges in an upward motion through the chakra system, dispersing intense energy throughout the entire body. This type of awakening can be extremely dangerous as it completely opens one up psychically, activating their psychic abilities and allowing them access to more of reality than they were previously aware of. What this results in, if the individual is unaware of what exactly is happening to them, is a loss of touch with reality and behaviours that can certainly look like and mimic that of mental illness (psychosis, manic episodes, bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression). If you would like to know more about my spiritual awakening experience that ended me up in a mental institution (psych ward) then you can watch this video: 'My Spiritual Awakening/Mental Hospital/Bipolar Experience. Kundalini (They said I was crazy!)' Type 2 The other type of spiritual awakening that I am aware of happens far more gradually. This type of spiritual awakening is one that many of my friends were fortunate enough to experience, and one which I was very envious of, as my own spiritual awakening caused the entire construct of reality that I held and was comfortable with, to be utterly destroyed. A gradual spiritual awakening usually happens over an extended period of time. An indivudal starts to become interested in spiritual material, finds information, does their own research and eventually experiences enough signs and synchronicites of their own to confirm the spiritual nature of reality.

Spiritual awakening is a process that will occur for the rest of your life and this is true of both types of awakening. In fact, there are many aspects that are integral to both kinds of spiritual awakenings and will be experienced by all those going through a spiritual awakening. For example, it is very likely that people will come to understand the manipulation and darkness that is unfortunately very prevalent in the world and just how much we have actually been suppressed on this planet due to the greed and deception of many power-hungry individuals. This is one of the most unpleasant elements of spiritual awakening and what often leads people to go through a very challenging time of depression and despair that many have termed 'the dark night of the soul'. If you want to know more about 'the dark night of the soul' period that is often experienced before or right after a spiritual awakening, you can watch my videos titled: 'My Dark Night Of The Soul ~ Spiritual Awakening ~' 'Surviving The Dark Night of The Soul ~Spiritual Awakening Depression~'

Why Does Spiritual Awakening Happen? At this stage perhaps you have identified the type of spiritual awakening that you are having, but you're probably wondering, but why me? Why am I going through a spiritual awakening? What is the reason for this spiritual awakening? Is this spiritual awakening going to last forever? Are there many stages of spiritual awakening? Will these symptoms of spiritual awakening ever go away? I know, I know... so many questions right. I had what felt like an endless list of questions related to what was happening to me. The simplest answer to your question is; because you are ready! Your soul is now at stage of soul evolution and advancement where it is able to reach new heights of awareness and an extreme expansion of consciousness. This is absolutely incredible. Not every soul is going currently through spiritual awakening and ascension on this planet, yes many are awakening to their true divine nature, but far more are asleep. There's nothing wrong with that either, because other people have a different path to yours. It is always crucial to remember that every soul is a unique, special, significant part of source consciousness and has a right to be here. It does not matter if they are not experiencing what you are, they are still worthy and are on their own divine path. We must show respect for ALL beings on this planet.

So back to YOU! Yes you are a very advanced being and I want to congratulate you right now for how far you have come. Many of you are 'old souls' and have been through many, many lifetimes to reach this point of soul development. Others of you are what are known as 'starseeds'. If you want to know more about 'old souls' and 'starseeds', you can watch my videos, links below: The Difference Between Old Souls and Starseeds PLUS Lemuria + Atlantis Talk 'Why Old Souls/Starseeds/Empaths Often Struggle with Low Self Worth + Social Anxiety + More' link: The reason that you are awakening now in this day and age is because we are going through a planetary ascension. Mother Earth, or mother Gaia, is actually a being herself and she is evolving spiritually along with the rest of us. The way she does this is through increasing her frequency. Remember how Tesla spoke about energy, vibration and frequency and how this was a very important aspect of reality? Well, everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. The slower that something vibrates then the more solid it appears. The faster an object vibrates then the less solid it becomes and the higher in frequency it raises. It also becomes lighter because of this. During spiritual awakening and ascension our frequencies are raising so that we are becoming our light bodies and the frequency of the planet raises first, then we play catch-up. Earth herself has shifted into a much higher frequency than ever before on the planet. She is in what we call a 5th dimensional frequency. You see, as we raise in frequency we also raise in dimensions. I know it gets a little bit complex, but don't worry it will make sense over-time, the more you go through the spiritual awakening and ascension process.

The 2012 Shift in Frequency In 2012 this is when the frequency of the planet had its most dramatic shift. It suddenly rose in frequency to such an extreme degree and many beings awoke spiritually because of this. The energetic spike in frequency reverberated around the planet and was felt by numerous energetically sensitive beings. I was one of these beings as this was around the time that I had my energetic awakening. Something I find very interesting is if you search the term 'spiritual awakening' in Google Trends and look at 2004-present and observe the statistics for that searched term in 2012, you will notice a dramatic spike in those words being searched for (See graph below). People all of a sudden began searching spiritual awakening simultaneously. That's because so many were having these out-of-world experiences and wanting to know what on Earth was happening to them.

As you can see there was a very large spike in searches for spiritual awakening in 2012 and it has only been increasing ever since. We can only expect there to be even more attention placed upon spiritual awakening and ascension in the coming years as even MORE beings awaken to their power and truth. The reason it is important that more people wake up spiritually is so that those who are awake can help to bring more love, compassion, empathy and understanding to a planet that has been so desperately in need of change for eons. As we raise in frequency, we experience more love for ourselves and all other beings as love is the highest frequency in the entire universe and this is the frequency that we are starting to align with. This process of spiritual awakening allows us to clear out anything in our system that is not aligned with love so that our souls can come to the forefront and the ego can take a backseat.

Integrating the Ego The ego has been in control of how the human operates. You can think of the ego as an automated operating system that every human has that runs programs that we are unconscious of until we awaken and become aware of all of the unhealthy patterns, behaviours and habits that we exhibit due to the relentless grasp that the ego has on us. Now contrary to popular belief, the ego is not to be destroyed as the ego provides us with our unique, individual perspective and personality as a human. It allows us to think with our mind and have a stream of consciousness. The problem with the ego is that it controls our behaviours in order to try and protect us from experiencing further trauma. All humans have endured traumas of some kind while being on Earth and these traumas are remembered by the ego mind who then spends the rest of our lives sabotaging us in order to keep us playing safe and not being further traumatised. The ego clearly has honourable intentions, however, it has no idea that it is actually hindering us in our growth by stopping us from moving out of our comfort zones and expanding further. I like to think of the ego as a wounded, small child who simply does not know any better. We must treat the ego with the same kindness and compassion that we would a small child. This is the only way to effectively integrate the ego with the soul. Spiritual awakening is moving from the control of the ego into the loving arms of the soul. We still need our ego to survive, so the way that we integrate it without causing ourselves more harm by diminishing or trying to rid ourselves of it, is through providing it more love and understanding. The entire spiritual path is about integrating more love into EVERY aspect of life. It starts with loving ourselves and learning how to do so. I have many video on my Youtube channel: GalacticGangsters that teaches a person how to properly love themselves. If you are interested in this you can watch my playlist:

'Tools and Tips for Self Confidence'

The Spiritual Awakening Process and Spiritual Awakening Stages Alright, so more about spiritual awakening and what happens to you throughout the spiritual awakening process. Well, there are many stages of spiritual awakening, and to be honest, they are not always linear and there are more or less stages of spiritual awakening for people, depending on their own unique journey. It really is SUCH a personal journey and anyone that outlines exact stages and treats them as an identical case for every person going through spiritual awakening, I would be very wary of that information. What I can do is list some common stages that people experience, but they are often not linear. I've already mentioned the 'dark night of the soul' stage that can be a very difficult time but there are ways to get through this. I have mentioned many in the videos I have linked in that section where I spoke on that topic. Some of the stages can include a period of isolation where someone going through a spiritual awakening will travel within, in order to understand themselves and to comprehend what is happening to them. There is also a stage of ego integration that usually occurs over time and can also prove to be extremely emotionally difficult, as spiritual awakening brings all of our unprocessed emotions and traumas to the surface to be cleared out of our system for good. There are 'ascension' and 'descension' periods and these are terms I made up for the extreme highs and extreme lows that are experienced on this spiritual path. To learn more about spiritual awakening and ascension, I highly recommend taking my free video course 'The Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Toolki' which you can access via the link below:

"The Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Toolkit" link below:

How to Have a Spiritual Awakening? How do you achieve a spiritual awakening? Well, you're likely already having one right now as you read these words! This is a question that is commonly asked though and some people want to know if it is possible to bring on an energetic awakening, such as the one I mentioned in the beginning of the article. There are so many ways to have a spiritual awakening. Many achieve a kundalini awakening through meditation, yoga, reading certain material, sex can unlock the energy, opening the third eye, chanting, dramatic life experience, painful experience, blissful experiences and there are even more! It is also true that psychedelics such as mushrooms and acid (lsd) have been known to spurr on a spiritual awakening. Other drugs, including weed have been known to cause a spiritual awakening, but I NEVER recommend this route to trigger an awakening as it can be very dangerous and there are so many natural avenues for experiencing a spiritual awakening. It just isn't worth it to take the drug path, trust me. I'm sure you have many more burning questions about spiritual awakening and want to gather more knowledge and information regarding spiritual awakening, so do not worry because I have A TON of information available on my Youtube Channel: GalacticGangsters and I will leave you with this video that may answer some more questions for you. Until then, I'll catch you in the next post GG. So You're Awake. Now What? What To Do AFTER A Spiritual Awakening !

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