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Gah, I was very devastated that my "Pussycat Cows" video was not allowed to be uploaded due to those darn copyright cows. Well HAHA to them, as I've managed to find a way around it through my website and starting this new blog hehe. I guess I have to thank them a little bit too, as this copyright problem gave me the push I needed in order to start my blog! SO WOOHOO YIPEE HOORAH this is the first post ever for this blog on my site. I'm quite excited at the thought of a blog (as if you guys hadn't already had enough of my constant babbling, but here we go, yet another platform for me to babble on).

When I was young, about 12/13, I used to make Sims 2 videos for fun. Well, this one time I tried to recreate the Pussycat Dolls "I Don't Need a Man" video, but instead replacing them with cows. 😄

I was reminded of this video the other day, so I ended up watching it again and thought.. hmm this could be rather funny if I put the two videos side by side. I wish I could have done it back then, but I didn't have the editing skills.


Just for a bit of a larffff i've put them together...

You can watch the original video I made here and I have other sims vids I made on my other Youtube Channel Lilylu54321.

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